fresh food people

if they really are fresh food people, ask yourself one question:
how much floor space is dedicated to fresh food?

exclude the freezer space - that's not fresh. halve the meat space - you need to subtract anything that's processed, fabricated or pre-formed (this includes chicken & cheese rissoles, pet food rolls, anything with food colouring in it, seafood extender, imported "fresh fish", etc.)

subtract 3/4 of the dairy cabinet - let's face it, the vast majority of this is ready made meals, desserts, "dairy desserts" (whatever that means), dips, pastes, garlic bread, etc.

now look at the fruit and vegetable section and subtract any ready made dressings, mayonnaise, stir fry sauces, pre-cooked potatoes, mashed potatoes, soups, sauces, etc.

now how much of the floor space is dedicated to fresh food?

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