Longrain recipes

I have been a fan of Longrain for a very long time. For a white girl of European descent on all sides, I have an inexplicable place in my heart for Asian cuisines. The increasing popularity of some of these cuisines (the shift from Chinese to Vietnamese to Thai in Sydney for example) has resulted in a lot of disappointment - faddish food that doesn't capture the essence of the cuisines purported to be served.

Longrain is an exception to this rule. With the best mojitos I have ever had and sensational betel leaves (only rivaled by ones eaten in a fancy place in Hua Hin) Longrain always gets off to a good start - even if it's a long wait until the next act.

Chic and contemporary it is still comfortable; it's range is comprehensive and I never know who I will see when I'm there - friends from my childhood, their parents, my parents, people from my neighbourhood, models from Australian fashion week, and Michael Klim and his wife are just some of my co-diners on occasions. I figure, if this place is good enough for a Thai princess, it's good enough for me!

With a recent foray into the wonders of Blackmore's wagyu beef shin selling over at animal vegetable mineral, my sister reminded me of the braised beef at Longrain. Having put a stop to buying cookbooks for myself some years ago (I wouldn't see daylight if I bought the ones I think I want), I hoped that some naughty blogger had posted a copy of it, or failing that an adaptation from one of the food publications knocking around.

A search on google lead me to "Google Book" - a feature I was unaware of until now, with previews of books with links where to purchase. The preview of Modern Thai Food: 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes From Sydney's Famous Longrain Restaurant, is literally a page by page glimpse of what the book contains - enough to get the recipe out of it.

(photo from Longrain's website)

Guess what I'll be making this weekend?


The Swan said...

Oooh...that looks good. Cookbooks are my weakness. Every time I buy I new one, I promise myself that it will be the last - but it never is. There's too many good recipes out there!

grocer said...

Hi swannie,
nice to hear from you.
You're right, there are too many recipes - sometimes for the same thing. I find myself reading a couple of them and then combining them to best suit my needs (or resources)!

Lucy said...

Love Longrain, and though it has moved down here to Melbourne, Thai food just tastes better in Sydney, I reckon. Aren't those betel leaves er-mazing?

Hmm...Google Books. As an ex-bookseller, I love it. Were I still a bookseller, I'm sure I'd hate it.

grocer said...

There is a limit to the number of pages you can view. Probably a good thing.

There is a Jill Dupleix version of the betel leaf recipe lolling about cyberspace. Dead easy and OH SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

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