fussy eaters

Do you have fussy eaters in residence? We do! The little creatures have been brought in by hubby. They were supposed to come to eat our organic scraps. I am starting to suspect that they are here as hubby has aspirations to be a farmer, and in our inner city apartment a worm farm is as good as it's going to get!
The little creatures are the fussiest eaters in the household! We eat a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables, purchased fresh in minimal packaging so I would have thought the worms would fit in with our culinary habits.

It turns out that the vast majority of our organic scraps are not liked by the worms - onion and garlic peel, the eyes of potatoes, anything citrus peel. They don't mind tea bags, are partial to the odd egg shell and apparently love melon (wtf?). They also like leafy greens, but they get through it a lot easier if it's chopped up I am informed.

Since getting the worm farm I have two extra jobs - sort the organic waste into worm friendly and not, and then chopping the worm friendly food into worm bite-sized portions. Does this strike anyone else as a little... ironic?


purple goddess said...


Sorry darl but, yes, I find it a tad ironic... but so funny!!

I have visions of you, in your kitchen chopping away madly on a worm sized chopping board, with a worm-sized knife..


Thanks for the heads up tho.. I had been eyeing one of these off last I visited Bunnings.

stickyfingers said...

LOL worm sized chopping board & knife!

They also don't eat lemongrass - it is citronella after all. We chuck that and anything acidic including lemons under our citrus trees, they love it. Also pet hair from animals treated with worm/flea medication are a no-no, but are great around plants as are coffee grounds, put around the herbs to keep the snails and slugs at bay.

Our worm farm has been excellent. I chuck the hair from the bathroom floor and lint from the dryer in it too. Food scraps go into the blender and then onto the worms, too easy. We got a subsidised farm from the council and have reduced our waste significantly.

grocer said...

Too funny PG!

I guess the upside of all of this is that we really don't generate a great deal of waste. Nice to know about the coffee, etc. on the herbs.

Another Outspoken Female said...

I got my worm farm by posting a 'wanted' on freecycle. After giving away truckloads of junk, er wonderful goods, over the last couple of years it was nice to get a slightly used worm farm this summer and its been going gangbusters ever since. We read the book that the previous owner thoughtfully kept and passed on to us and avoided citrus and alliums right from the start. Initially we chopped stuff up but we've got a bit slack of late.

A friend in NZ said the kids had a number of worm farms at school and the PTA sold off the worm wee for fertilizer. Hmm...another interesting side business!