causal connection and conscience - the apathy vote

As I first embarked on this journey I believed that if a conscience based choice could be made as easily as any other option available, human nature would make that choice. I didn't factor in the apathy of the average person toward anything outside their own patch.

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard a gripe about the 2 major supermarket chains - whether quality, price, value, service, or any other thing, I would be wealthy. If I had a dollar for every piece of journalism relating to these 2 enterprises I would be an extremely wealthy person. If I then extrapolate this to the availability of branded consumer goods, would I be writing this article? quite probably, but I certainly would be doing it from a position of privilege.

but instead of dollar coins raining on me from the sky, i have come across another revelation. I call it "the Jack principle". It's an evolution of "I'm alright Jack" and without getting into the politics of it, I think it has proliferated under the nanny state that Australia has become.

under the Jack principle ordinary people aren't inclined to think. they don't have to. if jack's child gets fat, Jack blames the government, fast food chains and media. if jack's child doesn't get breakfast, the red cross steps in with a breakfast programme at the school. Jack only buys a car with a "V"model, and then demands the government intervene in the ever increasing price of fuel. If Jack can't find a certain brand of worcester sauce, Jack has a trantrum. But does Jack ever do anything beyond "reactionary"?

Jack hasn't quite worked out that the action that each of us takes defines what happens next; that the way to make a difference is to behave differently. instead Jack stands in the sidelines and complains whilst at the same time promoting and supporting the subject of the complaint.

SO, if you think that farmers have a raw deal, support them, and don't support those that exploit them!
if you think that supermarket chains are rubbish, don't shop there!
If you think that climate change is an issue - downsize your engine, get a more efficient car, but don't talk to me from the window of your v8!

WHATEVER you do, don't say to me "I wish" or "if only" and then never make a single step toward changing it.


purple goddess said...

Hear! Hear!

I call it the "sheeple" principle.

stickyfingers said...

Sheeple indeed. I guess mainstream Aussies are lackadaisical. It's not that 'she'll be right mate', but I recognised when we moved back to Australia from the UK, that the culture here makes Aussies into barrackers not trail blazers.

Anyone who deviates from the average in the general population is still knocked as a wierdo, hippie or dork. Tall Poppies get their 'come uppence' and so move overseas, leaving us with but a few brave souls to lead the charge.

The majority will pipe up and support a fashionable cause in a backyard BBQ, but ask them to put their money where their mouth is and they will loathe to break from the norm. Taking responsibility for change means taking a cold hard look at your lifestyle and until 'keeping up with the Jones' includes being ethical it will be ignored by the masses. Right now people are too busy mimicking the LA princesses in the tabloid magazines to give a damn.