the outcome

so the outcome of that rather wordy post (below) ended up in a delicious dinner (pizza) with home made tomato "salsa", char grilled mushrooms and yellow capsicum, capers and bocconcini (I bought this).

I have recently taken to cooking pizza on my sandwich press (set on melt mode so the top doesn't hit the cheese).

I should go and get a stone, as my smeg on steroids is probably the perfect pizza oven; it's useless for cooking anything slowly that's for sure!

however, with all of this woodfire oven talk recently on other blogs, i thought I would put it out there... do you think cooking a pizza on a stone on the weber (NOT gas but a real one) would work?


purple goddess said...


I think that would work a treat. You could even get all funky with the wood and smoke combo. Imagine a lamb, oregano and olive pizza, done in the Webber, with apple wood and rosemary???

You HAVE to explore this and let us know how it goes!!!

stickyfingers said...

Yes it definitely works, though you don't need a stone, a pizza tray will work as well. I also make an excellent Amaretto bread and Butter pudding in the Weber.