get real!: all packaged up

The Visy-Amcor packaging stitch up continues.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Richard Pratt faces charges for telling pork pies to the ACCC.

He faces a possible 4 x 12 months jail or a little fine if found guilty of the 3 charges. He'll probably walk. If he's fined it won't make an iota of difference to his back pocket expenses. And if he is sentenced to jail, he'll probably get a house arrest style sentence.

The relevance? As with most industry sectors in Australia, packaging is a duopoly and at the end of the day the end consumer (that's us buying anything from a cucumber to a can of soft drink) pay for it...

Perhaps renowned philanthropist, Mr Pratt could extend his generousity to the general public by not ripping them off?

get real!: all packaged up

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neil said...

But the thing that might hurt him the most is losing the presidency of the Carlton Football Club.