Gob Smacked

Today I received an email from an international FMCG giant using the contact email from my business. Ironically I was in the process of relaunching via a blogspot owing to a technologically awkward week, however the email came through the former email.

On first instance I'm chuffed - I've done something good enough to register on the radar of such a powerful company.

And then... I read the email. They think, based on my "blog" (even though they came through another site) I might be interested in what they are doing - launching a corporate website an Ambassador website aimed at promoting balanced nutrition. Behind this is an impending launch of a product (of which I may receive free samples) called "vegie pourover".


Yes, I am interested, but not in the way they think I am. I find the entire concept repugnant. A company that has nothing to do with fresh produce is purporting to be an ambassador of balanced nutrition is morally reprehensible.

And finally, I am insulted. Is my message so queer, is my writing so obscure that I could be mistaken to tout this brand? Or do they think I am that fickle, that desirous of their attention that I will promote their product for nothing? I would not promote their product for cash, it is exactly what I think is wrong with the way food is marketed and retailed.

And that, dear readers, is where we have the power... These companies are starting to realise that a thinking minority of consumers, people who are bold enough to stand up and express an opinion - bloggers, have some influence and power on the future of consumerism.

And that is a complement indeed!
Stickyfingers has also received the same email. As a professional marketer she has some interesting thoughts on the subject as well.


Lucy said...

Yeah, I got that one, too.

Deleted it, of course. Given your professonal interest in healthy, fresh fruit and veg (and personal, I might add) it does make you wonder...

Glad my hunch was right. Glad both you and Sticky posted this!

kathryn said...

Got it as well. Interested for a split second, UNTIL I realised what it was for. Appalling product. Made me realise they hadn't actually looked at my blog - otherwise it would have been obvious how unsuitable I was as an "Ambassador"!

Jack said...

I got something else this morning...
"Hi Elliot

I have just stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed reading it. You have a great writing style incorporate some excellent photos.

I would like to invite you write on mytaste.com.au. This would be a great way to gain exposure for Eating with Jack as you are welcome to link back to it from myTaste.

My personal name on mytaste is Brent C. - if you have a look around you will see me there. Drop by and say hi. If you do end up registering on mytaste i will add myself as a fan of you and therefore be notified whenever you do a review.

If you like I can arrange to have all of your reviews imported into the site for you without you doing all of the copying and pasting – just give me the word. Thanks for the great dining tips.



7 June 2008 13:04:00

"Jack said...
Don't you hate it when the cut and paste lets you down, Brent.
My name is Jack not Elliot but I'm sure you don't care, as I bet this another company trying to steal bloggers ideas like Grocer and Sticky have been talking about...
oh...and no thanks

This is from the comments on my latest post. He even stuffed up the changing of the name on the cut and paste!!

Another Outspoken Female said...

I got one too which I deleted.

These guys make cheese products that don't look like they ingredients have ever seen a cow and cigarettes as well. Perfect ambassadors to teach kids about nutrition!