frothing mad!

Would you like some extra milk protein with that?

"A SMALL revolution has occurred on the Australian dairy scene, symbolised by the humble milk crate. In Sydney, the dark blue Dairy Farmers crate, versatile fixture of Darlinghurst cafe street furniture and student decor, has been joined by a green version."

With a grandiose opening like this, the (rather lengthy) article in the SMH is bound to be a let-down. In summary, a dairy company called Procal has been working on enhancing milk for it's frothability. Milk varies from season to season and the properties exhibited have different impacts on the forth forming factor.

As protein is a major influence in forming froth, Procal has released a gold-labelled Extra Frothy Milk by adding protein in the form of skim milk solids.

Messing about with milk, actually messing about with just about everything we eat, has been going on for a long time. It sounds pretty harmless, but why bother? What's wrong with good old fashioned milk? Why is variability unacceptable?

With the song and dance going on about GMO in the media, one might want to think a little harder. Where is the extra protein coming from? Is it local or is it imported? If imported is it coming from breeding or cloned beasts?

And as a consumer, how much do you really know about what you're being dished up? Do you care?


purple goddess said...

it's freakin mad...

Just like in the ad, I want milk that tastes like, well, milk..

And I want it without any additives, thank you.

Extra dollop, added Vitamin D45??

Umm, no.

Seriously, enough already.

t h e - g o b b l e r said...

What focus group, think tank or whip 'round did they consult before launching this? I didn't get asked & I bet you didn't!

Off the subject grocer but what did you want to know about the rabbit pie? Do you have email?

grocer said...

not me that's for sure.
contact me using this form and I will reply.