So easy! So simple! So cheap! So perfect!
So why is it so hard for so many people to put simple food together for themselves?

ripe roma tomatoes with parmigiano reggiano on sourdough dinner rolls

mushrooms cooked in garlic butter with thyme, salt & pepper and parmigiano reggiano on sourdough dinner rolls


Anonymous said...

I think people think that more work means improved taste! Not always the case!

purple goddess said...

seriously brill, love!!

That second one needs to be submite to Tastespotting.


I had to whip up a post-migraine meal out of nothing the other day. An onion, a can of baccalau, half a jar of anchovies, a handful of capers, 4 tomatoes, generous sambal oelek (ok, a bit of fusion there), some red capsicum and some strange twisty pasta and finished with some parmigiano. Saved by the store cupboard again and was it ever good! Spouse wants me to cook it again.

grocer said...

ah yes, the "pantry cupboard meal" - one of my areas of expertise after moving out of home!

stand by pantry ingredients aren't to be underestimated. you talk as someone with imagination and flair in your cooking - for those that (think they) have none, it is an effort to realise it need not be complicated!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the mushroom one even more, but then I am a vegan!