bitter greens

Michael Luscombe is certainly getting value for money from his contacts over at fairfax! Today Vanda Carson has posted 2 articles on promoting the supermarket chain he oversees.

Not surprisingly, woolworths is to launch a branded credit card with insurance and loans to follow. No surprises here, expect that woolies intends to manage this in house (and you thought their focus was on fresh food and getting it to you!!!).

the second article from Carson reports Luscombe graciously vowing to "kick its major competitor while it is down, unveiling a major expansion strategy as profits continue to surge".

nice one!!!

woolies, however they may fail the public, are doing wonderfully on the ASX and are a darling of the business media, whilst coles has gone from bad to worst in terms of investor performance. However, Woolies results are a light at the end of the tunnel for Coles, according to Malcolm Maiden.

everyone loves a winner, and whilst woolies profits has benefitted from a supply chain overhaul (so we are continually reminded), it is easy to forget some of the cold hard facts, such as pricing studies done by choice magazine

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