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ALP candidate George Colbran has today been cited as going "troppo" by the sydney morning herald.

"LABOR'S push to banish cartoon characters from promotions of food to children have given one of the party's candidates a mild bout of indigestion.
"George Colbran, who is standing for the ALP in the Queensland electorate of Herbert, operates nine McDonald's restaurants, making him one of the fast food chain's biggest Australian franchisees. He argues that childhood obesity has been over-simplified by those who blame "junk" food"

Mr Colbran outrageously suggests that "voters in the Townsville electorate are far more concerned about the parlous state of local roads and poor access to broadband." newsworthy stuff? (read for yourself if you like)

whilst Colbran and is his electorate wait for their internet downloads in tropical Queensland, the debate over advertising off junk food targeting children rages on...
and on...

earlier in the week the SMH had published an article titled why junking pester power ads may do a fat lot of good, the gist of this article being whether or not advertising of junk food to children bears a direct correlation to increasing rates of childhood obesity. naturally the advertising industry has a presented a case to the governments of australia and its states that it does not

following on from this was then a comments section for the public on pester power moments with kids which provided great entertainment and insight into the polarity of opinions on this subject.

one mother pointed out it was her responsibility to control the access that child had to junk food as her 3 year old had no cash, and couldn't drive. others objected to the "no responsibility" state and others the "big brother" state whilst some parents simply let it be known that they are struggling with their childrens "cannivering".

creative parenting of the day award however, went to "family guy" who has invented a family game of ad-zapping whereby the right to the remote control depends on the ability to hit the mute button within a split second of the commercial break starting OR ending..

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