today I'm feeling a tad dusty - I didn't sleep well last night, probably a result of a few too many vino de plonks on the lounge; so I thought of instead trying to exercise my cerebral center, i would refer to something I think is kind of interesting, although i do not know how factual it is.

Recently, through Jason and Shona at salads direct, I have come across 2DIE4 LIVE FOODS who describe themselves as "food alchemists". At this stage the product range several varieties of activated nuts and seeds. what does this mean?

"The 60's/70's movement into raw and whole foods contained major errors in our search for healthier diets. Sadly omitted from that wildly developing new cuisine was the ancient art of fermentation, for, with the wise application of this bounteous craft nutirents such as proteins, carbs and malts, which are otherwise toxic or allergenic and enzymatically converted to a pre-digested state, leaving that food detoxed..."

in a nutshell, fermentation = activation. Now whether we believe this or not, and whether this is scientifically proven I don't know, but the product information sheet does go into a great level of detail that makes a great deal of sense. Putting that aside, the information goes on to say some other interesting things...

"Gluten in wheat is a marvelous vegetarian 2-part protein that has been falsely demonised. Once a bread or pizza dough is allowed to ferment for at least 6 hours (as was common practice until the 1950's), the significant enzyme activity generated converts not only the gluten but also the maltose, carbs and other elements into their beneficial, digestible alter-egos. And since 99% of modern day bread and other wheat products are made at breakneck speed, we have the illusion of a gluten allergy on our hands.
"We have lost the connection with sloooow! Sloooow nourishes. Speed kills - in the kitchen too. We are not born 'gluten intolerant', we are quite naturally intolerant of any and all ill-prepared proteins like gluten. We are in fact allergic to the galloping haste of modern life and to the absolute rush of essential food and production processes"

whether or not you buy into this or not, there are some interesting points made by 2DIE4

the product is bloody tasy too!

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