this may seem off topic to some of you, but I assure you, it's not.

Today, whilst doing my morning scoot through the plethora of blogs, forums and posts on food on the internet I came across a blog new to me, whereby a woman in England is encouraging her children to eat vegetables, working her way through the alphabet with them and providing taste tests of a number of recipes for each vegetable.

"Welcome to the World's First Great Big Vegetable Challenge! Take one seven year old boy named Freddie and his mother as they face the challenge of turning him from a Vegetable-Phobic into a boy who will eat and even enjoy some of life's leafier pleasures. Join us as we work through the A to Z of vegetables!"

the thing I find most impressive is the creativity and level of determination this lady. there's no hiding vegies under creamy pastas, and no throwing her hands up in the air, sighing, and sprinkling a tin of metamucil in everything as the advertising on television would have us believe is the ONLY solution.

i want to introduce all and sundry to this marvellous blog!


Red Dirt Mummy said...

I found this one some time ago and love checking in to see their progress. It is certainly a novel approach to getting kids to try vegetables and a fun blog too.

purple goddess said...

Thanks for posting this..

It's brill!!!

stickyfingers said...

Oh what a great find. Think I'll be glued to those updates. Reminds me of an ex I had who wouldn't eat vegies. I started by disguising them in pastry, then in fried polenta, pasta, risotto etc and it went on until he himself began asking for a vegie stir fry and salads.

You read on many forums that people don't like vegies because they are perceived as being tasteless compared to meat - and that's probably the case for a lot of supermarket produce. The amount of fruit & veg Mr Stickyfingers eats has doubled since I introduced him to farmer's market and organic produce, and it's all because it's so tasty.